Datasets to be used in EQUATOR project

  • Satellite datasets are shown in orange
  • In situ data in light green
  • Ground-based column data in dark green
  • Airborne data in blue


Dataset Source Availability, Reference
MODIS PFT MCD12Q1v006, 2000, ongoing, Friedl and Sulla-Menashe [2019]
Tree cover loss and gains, 2000, ongoing, Hansen et al. [2013, 2020]
Leaf area index, 2000, ongoing
NO2, HCHO,, ongoing
van Geffen et al. [2019], De Smedt et al. [2018], Levelt et al. [2018]
IASI CH3OH, 2008, ongoing, Franco et al. [2018]

CrIS isoprene, 2011, ongoing, Fu et al. [2019]
In situ INDAAF data, Adon et al., [2016]
In situ isoprene flux data

Literature compilation, Yañez-Serrano et al. [2020]

In situ soil NO fluxes Literature compilation
FTIR HCHO, CH3OH Two tropical sites: Porto Velho (Brazil) and Maïdo (Reunion Island), Vigouroux et al. [2018]
MAX-DOAS, HCHO, NO2, Tropical site: Bujumbura (Burundi),  Gielen et al. [2017]
GABRIEL Guyanas 2005, Lelieveld et al. [2008]
GoAmazon Amazon basin, 2014-2015, Martin et al. [2016]
ACRIDICON Amazon, Kluge et al. [2020]